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Welcome to Autocom Industries

Manufacturer of Valves and Tube Fittings.



  • Founded in 1985


  • Focused on Service valves & Flared Tube Fittings

Product line

  • A world-leading range of Compressor Service Valves, Rota Lock Valves, Capacity Control Valves, Ball Valves, Vertical Valves, Distributors, Brass fittings and many other types and spare parts.


People work best when there is a sense of ownership and the feeling that it is a collaborative effort. Our philosophy is to empower each individual to take his own decisions in his defined field, so that he can add to the growth.

At AUTOCOM there is an emphasis on self-governance and the Group has chosen to create flatter structures. By unleashing employee creativity, responsibility and productivity, the effort has been to harness the positive energies into making AUTOCOM a people oriented organization.




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