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Our Strength


People work best when there is a sense of ownership and the feeling that it is a collaborative effort. Our philosophy is to empower each individual to take his own decisions in his defined field, so that he can add to the growth.

At  AUTOCOM there is an emphasis on self-governance and the Group has chosen to create flatter structures. By unleashing employee creativity, responsibility and productivity, the effort has been to harness the positive energies into making AUTOCOM a people oriented organization.

We at AUTOCOM understand that our strength lies in our products, which undergoes changes as per the requirements of time and imbibe new technology at a faster pace and in this procedure of change and evolution we make it our aim to give our customer world class products at the best prices. We improve the technology with time and try to be the first to implement. We are dedicated to achieving excellence in our work.

In the present world of relentless competition and fast technological advances we are leading the way with our continuous improvement R&D program, strong teamwork and healthy work environment among our personnel. Above all our greatest strength is to have hard working and dedicated members in our family who are committed to deliver unsurpassed quality and reliable products and service to the total satisfaction of all our customers.


To retain and reinforce our position as a leading Indian manufacturer of Valves and Tube Fittings and always be the first to introduce the latest technology in this  industry.



1. Quality

2. Customer service

3. Employee welfare